pt2.1 - engineering goals

project manager: charlene leong
drivetrain engineer: prateek wagle
wheel engineer: quek gene yong
chassis engineer: charlene leong


  • t1w9: receive the task
  • t1w10: each member comes up with a design
  • march holidays: choose one final design and start making it
  • t2w1: meet up in school to make modifications to actual design
  • t2w2: make final modifications and do testing

engineering goals:

  1. for the maximum length of the car to be 30cm and the maximum breadth of the car to be 15cm
  2. for the car to travel up to 8 metres
  3. for the car to run for at least 10 seconds
  4. for the car to have 4 wheels
  5. for the car to travel in a straight line
design criterion
  1. entire car should be made out of lightweight material/the lightest materials possible
  2. car frame to be made out of wood
  3. axle to be made out of wood/metal
  4. wheels to be made out of styrofoam with added friction on the sides (using balloons)
  5. the entire car should be smaller than 30cm x 15cm (length x width)
our 3 designs


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