pt1.1 - engineering goals

To design and make a model motor bridge which displays high structural efficiency. i.e strength to bridge weight ratio

Problem Statement:
1. are the ice-cream sticks strong enough to hold a good amount of weights?
2. What are the physical concept (e.g forces) that can be applied to reduce the weight?
3. is the base or the trusses more important?
4. Will the bridge tested on the stimulater work?

5. what kind of trusses can we use?

6. what kind of trusses are the best and the strongest?

7. what is the best bridge design that we can make?

8. how can we adjust the bar holding all the weights on the bridge so that its weight is not concentrated on one particular beam or ice cream stick?

engineering goals:
1. spread the weight throughout the bridge evenly
2. make the bridge as light as possible
3. make the bridge flexible by making the join area less compact allowing for flexible. The glue also allows for flexibility
4. build a good truss for each side of the bridge (A truss frame is "strong" because it uses geometric principles to make it rigid while using a minimum amount of materials. Truss bridges are constructed so that the floor beams that support the load are attached at the vertices of the triangles and use the rigidity of the frame to stay in alignment. Truss bridges, even those made by wood, are still strong in nature.
5. have our bridge are able to stand up to 50 kg of weight

6. make our bridge within the required length, width and height

7. make our bridge achieve an efficiency score of 100

8. have the trusses break before the base (thus proving that the weight is more focused on the trusses than the base)

specific requirements:
1. our bridge can only be made out of wooden ice cream sticks provided by the school
2. it must be between 550mm and 650mm long, a maximum width of 120mm, a maximum height of 200mm and a maximum weight of 500g.
3. it must be able to withstand at least 10kg as that is the weight of the weight holder

4. our bridge can be painted in any fashion as long as it does not affect the weight or strength

5. the ice cream sticks can be cut and joined together in any fashion

6. the bridge must have a deck to stimulate a real life bridge for motor vehicles to drive on

7. the bridge can only be joined together by white glue provided by the school

8. loading will stop once the integrity of the bridge is affected.


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