pt 1.3 - construction of bridge

3.1       Design rationale 

Explain using diagrams, the 

- general design

we decided to focus more on the base of the bridge as we thought if our base was strong, it would be able to hold more weight than if we focused on the side trusses. thus, we made the base of our bridge thicker and longer than usual. 

however, after building the base, we found out that we had used too many sticks and thus, we had not enough sticks to build the trusses that we had planned for in design 2. thus, we have decided to simplify our side trusses. we have decided to make them as simple triangles joined together at the vertices.

- members of the bridge

the members of our bridge are arranged in triangles as that is the strongest and sturdiest shape to have on a bridge. the weight is evenly distributed on the three sticks and on the three vertices.

- base of the bridge

we had applied too much glue so some newspaper had stuck to out bridge but that would not affect the experiment. as for our base, we decided to stick layers of inter lapping sticks together so that there would not be any weak spots in the base of our bridge, which we consider the most important part.

- joints of the bridge

we arranged the sticks such that there would not only be 2 popsicle sticks meeting together at every joint. there would always be 3 or more sticks at every joint so that it would make each joint stronger and lessen the chances of the joints breaking.
3.2       Detailed dimensions

Basic measurements 
Mass of bridge
Overall length 
Overall width
Overall height

3.3       Construction of prototype


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